Melbourne CBD Pope-Up,
now open until Thursday 18th April.


After eight years as one of Brunswick East’s most beloved institutions, Pope Joan has had a second coming with a special Melbourne CBD pop-up (Pope-up? Lol). 

Feast on award-winning sandwiches like The Cornish, Matt Wilkinson’s famous seasonal veg-driven salads, locally sourced sustainable seafood dishes like mussels in smoked tomato romesco sauce, sweeties galore via our cake trolley, and top-notch cocktails at our Four Pillars Garden Bar. 

Come see us at our new digs for dishes that showcase Matt’s lifelong obsession with local producers and seasonal produce, and relax in Pope’s signature neighbourhood-eatery vibe, now in the heart of the city.




45 Collins Street, Melbourne
enter via the Sofitel driveway


Monday to Thursday: 7am – 7pm
Friday: 7am – 9pm